Welcome to Scarlett Poppies – a brand with passion and true love for beautiful details, the incredible craftsman skills that goes into developing a unique product; and comfortable clothes made to last beyond one season.

We are driven by the desire to design timeless collections, combining the most exquisite embroideries, often modernized in a contemporary way, with natural materials. We love to inspire and amaze our customers with unexpected products and to share the story behind them.


We are grateful to be teamed up with carefully chosen collaboration partners sharing our belief and business values. We have faith in the process and all the people involved in it. We trust the outcome and that all of us together make a difference for a better tomorrow, while designing clothes that also ensure we sustain unique embroidery traditions and skillsets for the future.

For us, sustainability is about the process, not just a beautiful product.


Behind every collection is a story, a unique journey and a rich heritage – and the beautiful and diverse world is what inspires us endlessly. Our collections are designed by a mix of designers from different corners of the world, headed up by our Scandinavian creative director’s clear design vision and many years of experience from sustainable production.

Each collection will also always showcase unique embroidery techniques and other handmade elements ensuring that jobs are created in the garment industry, rather than removed by modern machines replacing skilled artisans. 


Scarlett Poppies features mainly resort wear, suitable for regular summer clothing, your ultimate summer holiday ensemble or all-around the year for those being privileged to living in the sunshine. Our collections range from dresses, tops, tunics, jumpsuits to true beach cover-ups such as kimonos and kaftan dresses etc. Comfort and easy breezy materials are key.

Scarlett Poppies started as a wholesale and retail business to expand its global presence and has participated in Who’s next [Paris] - Cabana Show [NYC] - Supreme Body & Beach [Munich]. 


We choose materials carefully and our fabrics originate from what nature offers; cotton, linen, silk and viscose; the latter generated from cellulosic pulp. We use up stock fabrics from one collection to another to minimise waste and unnecessary negative impact on Mother Earth. Wherever possible we aim to choose organic fabric options rather than conventional, and we only use fabrics that are locally available and produced in the country where we stitch the actual garments and to avoid excessive transportation within the supply chain.


It is also a natural choice to select our collaboration partners in the vertical supply chain carefully and to ensure fair and safe working conditions in the factories producing our clothes.

We firmly believe that successful partnerships can only be formed when everyone thinks alike and share the same vision. 



Our creative director grew up on the dreamy, beautiful Scandinavian countryside and fell in love with nature from the earliest childhood. She was obsessed with beautiful flowers growing wildly and naturally across the endless fields - and the fact that one would find them where least expected. There was one particular flower though that stood out among all the others, with its stunning beauty and vibrant color; the red poppies – and they naturally became her favourite.

With the strong connection to the Scandinavian roots and nature, it just felt so natural to name our brand Scarlett Poppies. 

Scarlett expresses our passion and true love for what we do. Our passion for beautiful, authentic details, craftsmanship and clothes made to last beyond one season. 

Poppies illustrates what our collections and customers are all about. Clothes that are attractive and often delicate and feminine just like the showy, irregular flower petals; each of them being truly unique in their shapes and visual expressions. But the poppies are also a sign for how we would like our customers to feel the moment they slip into our world; beautiful, unique, confident, feminine and not least free.

 And just like poppies on a field, Scarlett Poppies craves sunshine and you find us where you least expect to.

 Embrace the nature, feel the sky - let your soul and spirit fly!