We are grateful to be teamed up with carefully chosen collaboration partners sharing our beliefs and business values. We have faith in the process and all the people involved in it. We trust the outcome and that all of us together make a difference for a better tomorrow, while designing clothes that also ensure we sustain unique embroidery traditions and skillsets for the future. Each collection will also always showcase unique embroidery techniques and other handmade elements ensuring that jobs are created in the garment industry, rather than removed by modern machines replacing skilled artisans.

Mindfully designed

Behind every product is a meaning far beyond the final product’s expression and beauty. Like with this giveaway bag, developed for visitors seeing us at tradeshows. Comfort and practical aspects always matter for the products we create. This bag was made from unbleached organic cotton to be kinder to Mother Earth. It has beautiful French knots, made by hand, ensuring that the unique craftsman skills in India are not forgotten, thus allowing the next generation of artisans to have faith in the future. This bag is a piece of novelty and anything that is different tends to stay for longer in our wardrobes.  
If all of us in the garment industry, together value the rich heritage and skillsets certain countries have and keep that in mind while designing, we willensure that these skillsets will transcend all seasons and trends.  
Every conscious thought and action will make a difference – and give back to the society and the cultures that need it the most to protect their core skills. 🖤

Artisanal Techniques


Dreamy details coming to life, with dedication towards old traditional craftsman skills and applied by our incredibly skilled embroidery artisans in our sampling studio. The finest treadle machine embroidery is bonding two different fabric layers together. By manually cutting off the excess upper fabric layer, the layer underneath is revealed. The technical term for this is called ‘reverse applique’, and creates a rich, elevated look as compared to a flat embroidery made on just one single layer of fabric. Creativity is indeed intelligence having fun as long as one allows it to take different expressions. And at Scarlett Poppies we always do. 🖤


Scarlett Poppies is a brand with passion and true love for beautiful details, and the incredible craftsman skills that go into developing a unique product. Comfortable clothes made to last beyond one season, in natural, easy breezy materials. The cute tassel deco and the handmade crochet buttons of the gorgeous ENDLESS DAYS dress just conclude what Scarlett Poppies is all about: attention to detail, always mindfully crafted for you. This dress has around 40 hand-made tassels, each of them carefully attached by an adjoining metal ring. 🖤

Knots or Knotting

A French knot is a knot stitch made by wrapping thread once or twice around the needle and pulling through leaving a small and beautiful knot on the surface of the fabric. The unparalleled texture given by a mass of French knots to your embroidery work is beautiful. Here are some samples of French knots in our styles.


Originally made in the fifteenth century in Avignon, France, Poplin is a fabric made with a tight plain weave which results in a material that feels smooth to touch yet has a fresh crispness.


Cutwork is a type of embroidery in which pieces from the foundation fabric are cut away, creating a network of holes and embroidered eyelets that are accented by the embroidery pattern. At Scarlett Poppies, we create all cutworks by hand, which requires the most skilled and talented artisans to get consistent and desired results.


Broderie anglaise is characterized by patterns composed of round or oval holes, called eyelets, which are cut out of the fabric, then bound with overcast or buttonhole stitches. Broderie anglaise remains associated with England because of its popularity there during the 19th century, the Victorian era.

Behind our Styles

The making of a masterpiece:

What does luxury mean to you? For us, it's all about creating a mindfully crafted masterpiece with the most talented artisans, always infused with passion and love for details. Each piece carries a story and our resort wear dresses are not only stunning but often like a piece of art. Our dresses are made with the utmost attention to detail and with a focus on premium quality. From the natural fabrics to the meticulous embroidery, every step of the process is handled with care and love.

The Process

It all starts with a vision. A vision to offer novelty and timeless designs transcending seasons. We are always inspired by nature, architecture, and our surroundings, which is expressed in print and embroidery artworks, starting with pencil or paint brushes and a blank piece of paper.

1. The specific embroidery artwork is traced through butter paper, and artwork lines are perforated and transferred to the garment.

2. Manual treadle machine is used for the actual thread embroidery base, which requires high precision by the embroidery artisans.

3. The cotton tape is then added as the last-second and final step of the actual embroidery process.

4. Once the embroidery is complete, fabric panels are washed to remove water-solvable fusing which is often used to provide extra stability for the fabric base when applying the embroidery.

5. Each fabric panel is then individually piece cut before the final garment is stitched by one by our skillful tailors.

6. After stitching, all uncut threads will be removed before the garment is once again washed and finally steamed, labeled, and carefully folded to be tucked into one of our branded bio-degradable poly bags.

This is the journey!

Inspiration and Realization: 
“Vintage Dreams”

A vintage piece bought at one of New York’s many upscale second-hand shops a few years ago inspired by the intricate leaf embroidery on the yoke of this loose-fitted, volume-sleeve dress. The embroidery is a reverse applique technique, where cotton mesh has been used as a second layer. Once the thread embroidery is done, the upper fabric layer is cut off to reveal the see-through mesh underneath, which makes this embroidery so feminine. The skirt part has a soft ruffle and handmade loops adorn the edges of the neck and yoke area and it has special buttons adding to a true vintage expression.