If your garment is broken, we recommend that you repair it. Do it yourself or consult a tailor.
It is worth investing in a mending kit, available at all major marketplaces online. It makes sense to keep all spare buttons/ repair kits etc that come with various garments, along with the mending kit. To have everything easily at hand increases our chances for “just doing it”, whenever it is needed.
Make sure that your garment has the perfect fit  for you!
​At Scarlett Poppies, we emphasize that our garments should fit really well and always be comfortable. However, we are all different, not least when it comes to our heights – and of course, we wouldn’t want it any different way!
​We all owe that odd garment or two with too long sleeves or the dress length that just isn’t quite right although we love the style as such. Sometimes adding a button or converting a full sleeve into a sleeveless top will make the difference that is needed for you to wear it for a long time ahead.
​It is worth spending the money it costs to get a garment mended by a professional tailor. Not only did you do what was the right thing to do but it is also an amazing feeling when a garment fits your body in an optimal way.
How to store your clothes
If you have limited rack space, you can fold a blouse neatly and add unbleached tissue paper inside to help to avoid sharp creases.
​To know what you have – and to find it without spending time – it is practical to color sort and sort by category in your wardrobe; such as for instance all white tops from sleeveless to a full sleeve, followed by nude tops from sleeveless to full sleeves etc.
If you can find them, velvet-covered hangers are the best. They have a velvet pile that gives the necessary friction to avoid that the garments slip off from the hanger, and you can position your garments neatly on the hangers and be sure they don’t slip either side.
​Wrong hangers or too big hangers can misshape the clothes and those odd shapes might be difficult to get rid of. Choose hangers with soft curves rather than sharp corners.
​The choice of hanger material also matters. Plastic will easily become discolored over time whereas the more sustainable option in stainless steel can easily be washed and always feel fresh.
Wooden hangers can also be cleaned with a damp cloth as much as they also tend to look better with age.
Continue The Sustainable Cycle
Nothing lasts forever and the same goes for clothes. When you don’t want to use your clothes anymore, make sure they are reused.
Always think of family and friends first, what doesn’t have value for you any longer may add value to them. To sell second hand or to give away to NGO’s/charity always serves a better cause.
Timeless designs of high quality are made to last far beyond one season – and also beyond you.