TLC will make your clothes – and Mother Earth - last longer

Beautiful clothes last much longer when we take extra care and by having the right knowledge in how to apply best practices. We believe in timeless designs and colors that can be used for many years and to mend and repair a garment if it is needed. 

Sustainability is a process and not just about the product. Each of us shares responsibility in treating garments in a way that has the least impact on the environment.

We are delighted to share some insights on how we, with simple means, can care a little bit extra about not only our clothes but also Mother Earth.

Wash & Care

First of all, we always recommend avoiding excessive washing and looking at alternate ways to freshen up a garment. This will not only benefit the environment but also prolongs the pristine and fresh look of your clothes. Detergents today are effective for a reason; to remove all kinds of stains, but that also means that detergents will eventually extract dye particles; specifically dark colors will fade over time.

For a gentle refreshment, please hang your garment outside or wash gently by hand (do not twist any fragile fabrics, laces or decorations such as embroideries, appliques, beadwork, etc). Gentle machine wash at 30 degrees and fewer cycles is also a better alternative to higher temperatures.

For any embroidered garments or any garments made of loose weaves or semi-sheer fabrics, we always recommend turning garments inside out and keeping them inside a washing bag. That will protect the fabric surface from being snagged by other sharp objects in the machine load such as zippers, hooks and eyes, etc. It will also protect the garments from fading.

Always avoid tumble drying of any clothes that you would like to last for long, including underwear and socks. The dust that you remove from the tumbler filter is to a large extent fibers pulled out of the yarns in the fabrics and that’s why tumbled garments quickly look rugged.

Detergents & Softeners

Choose detergents carefully and be mindful of which detergents are environmentally friendly. Always use detergents without bleach. In the EU, you will find detergents marked with EU Eco labels.

The same goes for softeners and as much as we all love that amazing smell, we must ask ourselves if it is really necessary knowing that it causes extra stress on the environment.

As the name suggests, the softener softens the garment and also its tensile strength which means that the fibers will give after quicker when using softener. Excessive usage of softener can also cause seam slippage and because the yarns get coated with a silky surface and slide apart rather than maintaining their original friction, holding them together.

Delicate Materials require special care


Silk is a delicate material and requires extra care, excessive washing should be avoided.

Silk responds well when exposed to airing and especially if the humidity is high. If you travel and your silk garments need ironing but you have no iron nor time, you can hang them in the bathroom after showering and they will come back to their natural shape or at least have fewer creases.

Always wash silk using a washing bag if machine wash, or cold/lukewarm wash by hand. Or if really needed, let a cleaning specialist take care of your silk garment.


Wool has amazing natural cleaning abilities and will with advantage be freshened up by hanging it outside, especially when it’s misty. Wool lasts much longer this way and excessive washing should always be avoided.

Use special wool detergent to retain the right hand feel and texture; avoid rubbing or twisting. 

For machine wash – always look out for the special wool program, it has lesser cycles that prevent the wool from shrinking.

Iron, steam, or nothing?

​As comfort is now the new normal more than ever, we tend to spend lesser time on ironing. If you need a super crisp look, then a traditional iron is still the right tool but for an effortlessly cool look that Scarlett Poppies is so often all about, we recommend light steaming.

And for true “laundry look” – the desired look as if the garment just got out from washing, nothing at all. 

How should I treat my new Scarlett Poppies garment?

Scarlett Poppies care labels carry comprehensive information on how to treat your beautiful garment to last for long, always placed on the wearer’s left side, inside the garment.

​Should you wish for any further information, we’re always happy to guide you. Just send an email to care@scarlettpoppies.com and our quality team will get back to you.