Our Story

Linda Augustsson, born and raised in Sweden is the Creative Director and passionate soul behind Scarlett Poppies. 

With design and sewing emerging as her hobby at a very young age, pursuing a future career within the fashion industry appeared as if it was written in the stars. 

Linda moved to India at the age of 25 to establish a liaison production office for one of the largest Swedish retailers, to be based in Delhi. After her one-year contract ended, she decided to stay in India and work as a freelance designer. 

Linda created her own unique handwriting combining Scandinavian shapes and beautiful Indian novelty fabrics - elevated by exquisite, traditional embroidery techniques true to the Indian heritage of skilled artisans.

Just a few months into freelance designing, she saw the need of shortening cultural bridges between foreign brands and retailers, and the Indian supply chain. 

Continuum Buying Agency, a design-driven buying agency, was born in Linda’s living room in early 2002. It was, at the time, a unique of its kind buying agency and based on Scandinavian ethics, values, complete transparency, and modern work processes. 

Each Scarlett Poppies garment is the result of her love for beautiful, well-made clothes and not least the efforts of our passionate and skilled tailors and artisans. Timeless clothes created with the desire to make any woman feel beautiful and comfortable the moment she slips into our world.

Why Scarlett Poppies

Our creative director Linda grew up on the dreamy, beautiful Scandinavian countryside and fell in love with nature from her earliest childhood. She was obsessed with beautiful flowers growing wildly and naturally across the endless fields - and the fact that one would find them where least expected. There was one particular flower though that stood out among all the others, with its stunning beauty and vibrant color; the red poppies – and they naturally became her favourite.

With the strong connection to the Scandinavian roots and nature, it just felt so natural to name our brand Scarlett Poppies. 

Scarlett expresses our passion and true love for what we do. Our passion for beautiful, authentic details, craftsmanship, and clothes made to last beyond one season. 

Poppies illustrate what our collections and customers are all about. Clothes that are attractive and often delicate and feminine just like the showy, irregular flower petals; each of them is truly unique in their shapes and visual expressions. But the poppies are also a sign of how we would like our customers to feel the moment they slip into our world; beautiful, unique, confident, feminine, and not least free.

And just like poppies on a field, Scarlett Poppies craves sunshine and you find us where you least expect to.

 Embrace nature, feel the sky - let your soul and spirit fly!

All deliveries are carbon neutral
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