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Article: How To Choose Sunglasses for the Beach

How To Choose Sunglasses for the Beach

How To Choose Sunglasses for the Beach

No summer look is complete without the ultimate choice of sunglasses to match your outfit and mood of the day.

A stylish pair of sunglasses not only enhances your look but also protects you from the sun and the heat. This accessory should be a fundamental one in your daily life, especially if you live in countries blessed with lots of sunshine.

So, what should you be looking for exactly? Here’s a brief list of what to look for when choosing sunglasses for the beach and beyond:

Stylish beach sunglasses with a beach dress

1. Full UV Protection

When you say beach, you automatically think of the sun and heat. Therefore, it is a no-brainer for anyone to buy a pair of shades that has full protection against. Although some of the best sunglasses for everyday use do have UV protection, the pairs meant for the beach should be fundamental.

Stylish beach sunglasses with summer jumpsuits

2. The Bigger, The Better

As fashion evolves, so do accessories and sunglasses too. Just like the title mentions, the bigger the better!

To all the regular or small-sized sunglasses fans, you are probably asking yourself: What do big oversized sunglasses do to your eyes than smaller ones don’t?

To begin with, big lenses allow you to cover almost the entire part of your eyes. Too often, we forget the importance of protecting the side part of our eyes. Sunglasses with moderate to smaller lens sizes don’t offer the maximum protection needed for long days in the sun when you're at the beach. This is where one stylish element matches practicality.

Oversized sunglasses are termed to be highly fashionable. So, if the solution involves looking good, kicking up your fashion style, and protecting yourself from the dangers of the sun, why wouldn’t you go for it?

Oversized beach sunglasses with a kimono beach cover up

3. Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are popular terms and people get excited when listening to such terminology. Polarization does offer a unique level of protection. But many people make the mistake of thinking that polarized lenses can protect from UV rays. The truth is, polarization has no relevance with UV protection. However, it does reduce the light reflections and glare from the sun off of the water surface at the lake, sea and beach. As a result, people often ask if they should go for beach polarized sunglasses. Well, of course! When you look at such any reflective surfaces without polarized sunglasses, your eyes are vulnerable from the light that bounces from there to your eyes.

Polarized Beach Sunglasses with a beach kimono

4. The Right Lens Color

What does lens color have anything to do with the beach? All shades have a tinge of colour variations. If you go back to the first part, we mentioned the lens category of two and above. These will protect you from UV. The higher the category is, the darker the lens will be. However, having the darkest lens will not automatically guarantee full protection from UV rays. In addition, if you’ve visual issues, the chances of wearing it will aggravate your movement.

Beach Sunglasses with a beach kimono

Different colours offer different aspects of protection. Therefore, you must understand what aspect you need your glasses to protect your eyes from. This is important when you buy any pair of shades for your kids when playing sports. For adults, here are the solutions:

  1. Grey lenses: if you want the light intensity to slash down without blurring natural colours, then grey lenses are the ones for you. Wearing them will assure you that you will see the same as without them on.
  2. Yellow lenses: For low light places, yellow lenses will elevate the light quality. However, it is not recommended for beachwear.
  3. Green lenses: These are ideal for any trip to the beach. They will help you remove eye strain in abnormal lighting situations. They increase the natural light contrast.
  4. Red or Pink lenses: For a long day at the beach, these two colours will do wonders as they intend to make your vision sharper and protect your eyes when exposed to consistent sunlight.


How to take care of your sunglasses
  1. Protect your sunglasses from scratches and ensure to always keep them in a hard case whenever you are not using them.
  2. Get smudges off your sunglasses.
  3. Avoid harmful cleaners. .
  4. Special care for some polarized or mirrored lenses. ... 
  5. Stop losing your sunglasses. The more expensive they are, the more careful one tends to be with them.
  1. Should they be misshaped due to extreme sun exposure, it might work to keep them in the sun to reshape them while warm, provided they are made of plastic.
  2. For optimum performance, rinse your sunglasses daily in warm water. Use a mild liquid dish soap to wash each lens surface if necessary. Dry using a clean, soft, absorbent cloth. Do not use paper-based products to clean your lenses.
Beach Sunglasses with summer dresses for a perfect vacation

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