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How to Transition Your Closet From Spring to Summer

If you're already thinking about how your spring wardrobe will transcend into your summer version, we're on the same page. Outside of the obvious reasons (rooftop bars, sunbathing, rosé, alfresco dining, everyone's generally improved mood), summer is our favorite time of the year because is the easiest season for getting dressed.

Less layering is required, and there's always far less consideration for the blasted weather. There will be many stretches of time across the summer when throwing on a pretty dress and sliding into your favorite sandals is as much effort as needed to look tip-top. Treasured moments! 

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The foundations of what you'll wear when it's warmer are already in place—there's no need to ditch everything each time one of the new seasons comes around. It's more of a case of reconfiguring what's already in your closet and putting a few pieces on ice for when a colder day comes along.

All of the below suggestions will undoubtedly lie within your catalog at home.

Start Wearing: Silk, Cotton, or Linen Pieces

Your favorite jeans still have plenty of mileage during the summer. Just add sandals and lighter cotton, linen, or silk top to finish things off. A basket bag for a summer fresh look always works!

Popular summer pieces like cotton dresses don't take up a lot of space, making it easy to find what you’re looking for when you’re in a pinch. But to make your summer closet the most optimal space for hot weather fun, here are a few tips.

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Start wearing lighter shades

Seasonal colors are hues that mirror the shades seen in the four seasons of nature. Each season has its own set of traditional colors that are typically associated with it as well as transitory seasonal colors that are deemed current by the fashion trends of the year. Summer colors are all about Crispy white or natural linen color mixed with vibrant, rich, and bold colors, inspired from the sunshine, ocean, and summer blooms. Have fun in the sun by embracing these bold colors, but don't forget to integrate plenty of white as well - it's the official 'non-color' of the summer season.

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Bring Your Frequently Worn Clothing Front and Center

Summer is a great time for lightweight cotton shirts, comfortable clothing, and endless style creativity. But the foundation of your closet should be the essential tops and bottoms that you wear for work and leisure.

Organize your professional and casual wardrobe by designating a section of your hanging clothes for professional tops, slacks, and other business casual clothing. Then, use the other section of your closet to make your casual tops like camisoles and t-shirts easily accessible. Dresses, shorts, and skirts are also great items to store this way. To keep it simple: hang all your clothes in color order, all white dresses followed by natural color etc. Peace to mind in every-day life.

Keep Your Jeans Light

Summer is still a great time to wear jeans, but be careful to not overheat in them. Pick jeans made of lightweight denim or opt for shorts.

However, keep a pair or two of regular-length jeans on hand for a cooler end-of-summer night. They are also useful for times when you know you’re going to spend an extended period indoors, such as at a convention, mall trip, or movie. Jeans shorts are the easy go-to bottom for practically any summer outing. They are especially suited for casual settings, like barbecues and days at the park.

By having a variety of denim at your disposal, you can plan great outfits that serve your needs.

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Dressing for Work

Staying professional during the dog days of summer can be tough, but when you keep your summer business casual items at hand reach in your closet, you won’t need to break a sweat at your next meeting. Switch out any button-down shirts made of flannel or thick materials and opt for lightweight women's blouses, short sleeves, and breathable materials

It's also important to check the material of the shirts and bottoms you buy before committing them to your summer wardrobe. While your wool blend sport coat looks great on you, it can make you too hot to focus when the temperatures climb high. Instead, find a blazer or coat of the same cut but with all-season materials to promote air circulation and comfort during the summer. A loose cut linen suit looks great thanks to a soft tailored look and effortless, natural summer creases that only summer spirit allows.

Transitioning from spring to summer is not as much of a chore as other closet changes, but by making these adjustments, you can dress easily every day during the hotter months.

Needless to say, the right shoes and more playful accessories also play an exceptionally important role in what should be an easy, and hassle free Spring to Summer wardrobe transition.