· By Scarlett Poppies

Intricately Exquisite: Say It With Stitches

Embroidery is the craft of decorating fabric or other materials using a needle to apply thread or yarn. The word embroidery comes from the French word broderie, meaning embellishmentWhile embroidery is practiced across the world the very origin takes us back to China and the Far East.

In Sweden, the earliest finds of embroidery are from the era Viking Age, around the 9th and 10th centuries. Around the year 1000, the practice of embroidery began to rise in Europe with the growth of the Christian church and royalty gaining power.

The history of embroidery, handicraft of decorating fabrics that embrace fashion

Centuries later, in 18th century England and its colonies, embroidery was a skill marking a girl’s passage into womanhood as well as conveying rank and social standing. Soon after, however, the development of the embroidery machine and mass production came about in stages during the Industrial Revolution.

Around the year 1900, mail order catalogues and pattern papers helped the art of embroidery to become more widespread into every home.

Today’s embroidery looks a lot different from the embroidery of the past. Exquisite, intricate embroidery techniques are fused with contemporary, playful elements. Together, they express newness, while paying tribute to old crafts traditions.

Recognized for the beauty it can add to understated garments, embroidery can make your outfit really come to life.

Here is an array of embroidery techniques in our artisanal toolbox; ranging from blanket stitches, cross stitches, French knots, loop stitches, running stitches combined with treadle embroideries and taping to surface decorations like hand smocking, applique work, and many more.

And this is how we wear embroidery in our every day life:

The Feminine Cotton Embroidery Top with Classic Denim Mini Shorts

As simple as it gets and totally timeless! To achieve this look, wear an embroidered blouse, preferably in sustainable cotton and with mini denim shorts, or slightly longer denim shorts if appropriate for your age or legs. Pair the outfit with black sandals to emphasize your long legs.

KNOTS ABOUT YOU hand embellished top in sustainable cotton is the perfect companion to any denim shorts and thanks to that it has a straight cut, is loose fitted and just at the perfect length to still show of a short pair of shorts. Be mindful of length; if too long, it may look like you don’t wear any shorts at all.


Women's embroidered cotton top with classic denim shorts


Long Sleeve with Long Boots

For pre-summer days when it may still be a bit chilly or transition taking us into autumn, long sleeves blouses and dresses work really well. Look at @marina.razman.real and @serenalaurel how are they wearing our SANTORINI embroidered long sleeve blouse and MY SWEET MINI embroidered long sleeve mini dress. Both of them have elasticated sleeve endings for comfort and practical aspects.

Why not start wearing your knee-high boots to get your legs a bit warmer and define your outfit with a long sleeve embroidered shirt or dress?


Embroidered long sleeve mini dress with long boots


Pair It With an Accessory

Accessories look great for as long as it is not overdone and well chosen to the outfit.

A bold print or statement embroidery or Broderie Anglaise, would do more justice if they can speak for themselves with only subtle, modest jewelry or bag. However a more quiet, solid color outfit can afford more experiments with the accessories.

For any summer outfit with a nod towards relaxed look, choose a soft colored bag, like nude leather, natural colored basket weave, or sophisticated natural linen to complete the look. Branded bags can often look OTT and too “showy” unless they are specifically made for true resort and summer.


 Solid color embroidered outfit with accessories


From Chic to Beach

Embroidered dresses are very versatile and stand out on their own, creating unforgettable outfits. Just look at our EASY BREEZY embroidered long kaftan dress: it can be worn on the beach as kaftan or cover-ups or, if paired with glam shoes, create a chic effortless outfit. 


EASY BREEZY Long embroidered kaftan dress with glam shoes