· By Scarlett Poppies

Let’s create a bright and safe future… Together!

After many weeks of full and partial lockdowns around the globe, what we are currently experiencing now the “new global reality” shaping up!

This is of course really exciting but also full of uncertainties. There are no clear road maps to guide us while navigating through this doubtful era of time but what we do know for sure is that we are in this together – and that we will come out of this even stronger, together!

Safety and health are our first priorities at Scarlett Poppies and we have shared our vision and guidelines on safety measures with all partners since the beginning of the pandemic. We are happy to inform that none of our factories have reported any cases of COVID-19 and we hope this positive trend will continue.

While some of us are still working from home, many of our dear partners on the factory side have resumed back to work or will be getting back to work gradually.

We have also been in constant touch with factory owners to understand how they are managing all safety precautions and measures to ensure that guidelines are adhered to. This is also monitored by virtual factory rounds.

Some measures are as follow:

  • Factories are allowed to work with only 30-50% manpower capacity, depending on the size of the factories.
  • Everyone must pass thermal screening prior to entering the gates of the factories.
  • Wearing masks throughout the day and frequent usage of hand sanitizers is compulsory.
  • Transportation has also been arranged for workers and circles have been marked on the grounds and floors everywhere to guide on appropriate social distancing.

 We sincerely hope and wish that the positive developments we have witnessed in many countries around the globe in the last few weeks will continue without disruption and that we will all get back on track sooner rather than later.

At Scarlett Poppies, we stand fully committed to doing what is right and not what is convenient. Employees’ and partners’ health and safety are the top priority and won’t be compromised at any cost!