· By Scarlett Poppies

The 3 Best Ways to Dress Well, Look Great and Feel Better

Dressing well is so much more than just impressing other people. Many of those who take this idea to heart aren’t showing off at all, although we admire them ever so often by thinking how effortlessly cool they are. But on the contrary, they do it for themselves.
And that boost of confidence and general feeling of a job well done when leaving the house in the morning is a catalyst for the rest of the day. It carries over to other areas of life and helps us to look — and feel —  at our best no matter what challenges lie ahead.

1. Dress for Confidence

    There’s a big difference between dressing well and walking around like a peacock. One earns near-universal praise while the other can be off-putting. Ultimately, you should just “do you.” In other words, find your own style and run with it. But, at the same time, there are certain looks that help instill self-confidence, especially among people who are just now starting to think critically about their wardrobe.

    Essential Ways To Start Dressing With Confidence

    A well-groomed man in a blue blazer and crisp jeans looks good almost anywhere. The same goes for a woman in a little black dress — both to dress up or dress down — that can be worn year-round, like our VINTAGE DREAMS, the volume sleeve mesh embroidered loose fitted dress.

    Ways to look more powerful and confident 


    Remember to dress in such a way that you always feel comfortable and to simply be you.

    Well-manicured nails– not overdone – is by far one of the easiest way to always be dressed with confidence. If nails are in order, you just need a basic, timeless dress and a pair of neat flats and off you go to celebrate your moment.

    2. Dress for Success

      They say you should always dress for the job you want — not the job you have. This is some great advice for workwear. Yes, really, you should be dressing well for yourself. It helps establish discipline and shows — to yourself — that you have respect for what you will be doing with your day.

      Dressing well workwear for your success 

      But we also need to be realistic. Other people are watching, too. It may not ultimately be fair, but bosses notice how you look. This doesn’t mean you need to spend your savings on fancy clothes.
      You should, however, always be mindful of the dress code at work. Failing in understanding work wear dress code will over time question your professionalism and business opportunities may be passed on to a colleague instead who is consistently representative for the company, by just looking smart.

      Looking great with your workwear

      Remember that we are often finding ourselves judging a book by its cover, whether we like it or not. How we dress and appear is no different.

      3. Dress for Yourself

        The last thing to remember is that we all walk around with different personalities and bodies. What works for some people may not be a great fit — in terms of size, aesthetics or style — for you. A lot of this comes down to personal choice and how you choose to present yourself in all aspects of life. A leather motorcycle jacket with studs looks great on some people and a bit like a costume on others — and you probably already know which side you fall on here.

        Ways to dress on different body types

        You want to also consider the physical fit as well. Certain cuts of jeans (skinny, regular, relaxed) look different on different body types. This isn’t even about whether you carry a few extra pounds. Sure, skinny jeans tend to work better on thinner frames. But high-rise or low-cut waists can be more or less flattering even on two different super-fit people.
        You don’t need to read some fashion encyclopedia about all this; instead, try to follow your instincts. Something that looks great on your best friend may not work for you, so don’t force it. Find items that fit you properly and that you will feel better in, rather than walking around like some imposter in uncomfortable clothes that are too baggy, too tight or just too “someone else.”

        Invest sensibly in timeless clothes made to last for many seasons ahead. Buy high quality garments, in classic colors and prints and be mindful on what looks good on you and make you feel confident and not least comfortable.  Our EVENING BREEZE, the linen broderie anglaise ruffle jumpsuit, is the perfect example of a timeless and classic piece that will never go out of style.

        Looking Better, Feeling Better

        Most people think about fashion as a shallow endeavor — and it definitely can be. Of course, many people miss the point of finding their own style. Sometimes, it can all seem like a world reserved for insecure people begging for acceptance.
        But, at its best, dressing well is all about internal rewards. You don’t want to base your whole self-esteem on clothes. They’re just clothes after all. You can dress for confidence, though — just like you can dress for success at work. And no matter what you choose to wear, you should always first and foremost dress for yourself.

        How to Dress Well, Feel Great And Look Even Better

        It may seem silly to some people, but if you dress well and look great, you really can feel better about yourself and be the best version of yourself. Trust us when we say that it will always be reciprocated from your surroundings. Such is the modern world we’re living in!