· By Scarlett Poppies

5 Summer Fashion Must-Haves for All Body Types

Everyone deserves wonderful summer clothing. You can find lots of choices no matter your body type, clothing that shows off your curves and makes you feel good the moment you slip into them. Here are 5 summer fashion must-haves, suitable for all body types.

1. Flattering Summer Dresses

 Flattering Summer Dresses for Every Body Type - Scarlett Poppies

Dresses are perfect for the warmer weather. You can always have something on hand that is loose and relaxing. When looking for summer dresses, think about factors that include your body type, the colors you like, and the kind of fabric that makes sense. Sleeveless is on point for the coming season. Bold patterns let you show off your love of contemporary fashion and help hide more problematic areas. Opt for solid colors to create line if you’re on the shorter side. Our JENNESSA pleated mini strap dress with beads is a perfect example.

2. A Great Swimsuit

 Swimsuit for the beach for your body shape 

Swimsuits are a must when the weather starts to get hotter. No matter your figure type, you can always find a fabulous swimsuit. Plus size swimsuits are good at bringing attention to your best features. If you have a pear shape, look for suits with longer leg openings. Women with slightly smaller chests can benefit from a ruffled top. A woman with curves can go for bathing suits with a controlled middle that helps bring her to a pleasing hourglass shape at the beach. Throw on DIFFERENT SKY embroidered duster and voila’…your outfit is done, such a head-turner.

3. Comfortable Jeans

 Comfortable jeans that fit your body type 

Jeans are one of those items that go so well with the world of summer. You want to have jeans for summer that let you walk to the beach comfortably. Look for jeans with lots of little details. Plus-sized women can benefit from having a bit of oomph such as beading on the edges of the jeans makes it all work. We recommend white jeans as they will give that extra summer look and why not combining jeans with our beautifully crafted and embroidered summer waistcoat PENNINGTON?

4. Skirts For All Occasions

  Skirts For All Different Occasions

Skirts work well during the summer. They are good choices when you want to look professional as you head off to the office. Subtle patterns add flair and make it feminine. Our long pintuck skirt MY WAY is versatile and can be used for many different occasions depending on what you team it up with. Sneakers and tee for a sporty look and flat sandals and a tank top for an understated confident look. This skirt has several layers of pintucks of different widths and is cut from a drapery light weight fabric and finished with a sporty contrast waistband with a hint of golden lurex.

5. Relaxed Tops

 Summer tops suitable for your body type

One can never have too many pretty summer tops!  You’ll want tops that help you feel confident no matter your personal body type. Balance your apple figure with a top that has a bit of patterning at the sleeves and hem. If you have a relatively short torso, a cropped top is a good way to break it up and bring in interest.

Cotton is the ideal material for summer. It breathes well and it’s easy to clean.

Silk is lightweight and elegant. That makes it perfect for a summer date when you want to go just a little bit dressy.

Summer is all about enjoying the season. Make it happen now with the right fashion staples in your personal wardrobe. Shop sensibly and timeless shapes and colors to transcend many seasons ahead, and know the brands that you are shopping from.