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How to Have a More Stylish, Sustainable Beach Getaway

Imagine light and airy beach dresses flowing freely with every whisper of the wind. Picture the sun as a blazing ball of fire that gracefully descends into the evening tide. Watch a blanket of stars reflected in the glistening sea.

These scenes are all part of the magical lure of the beach. With such beautiful images, it is no wonder why people flock to enjoyable seaside excursions.

Sadly, all this activity can also wreak havoc on the natural ecosystem and leave the beach in a sorry state.

SOS: Save Our Seas

Billions of pounds of trash and other pollutants spill into the world’s oceans every year. Imprudent human activities have led to the devastation of beaches and other natural bodies of water. It has come to a point where marine life is destroyed, people are getting sick from exposure to ocean pollution, and coastal areas are being closed down.

If you love the beach, you have to seriously think about turning to a more sustainable way of life. Making sustainable choices is not a fad; it is a necessity.

You can start by making your beach vacation more Earth-friendly.

Stylish & Sustainable: Beach Dresses & Other Beach Trip Basics

From choosing sustainably made beach kimonos and other beach products to enjoying more wildlife-friendly encounters, there are things you can do to experience a stylish and sustainable beach getaway. We at Scarlett Poppies have put together great tips you can try:

1. Visit an Earth-friendly Destination

One way you can help Mother Earth while still enjoying your vacation is to head to sustainable destinations. Several world-recognized ecotourism locations promote environmentalism, such as Lord Howe Island in Australia, Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean, and Club Paradise Palawan in the Philippines. These are among the places listed in the 2020 Sustainable Top 100 Destinations by greendestinations.org.

Visit an Earth-friendly Destination

Several international organizations give distinction to locations that promote eco-travel and sustainability. Before you decide where to go, do some research online and look for sustainability awards given to a particular place. Some accommodations, travel providers, cultural and heritage tour providers, and many more tourism-related facilities and services also get recognized for their sustainability efforts.

Instead of going to popular coastal destinations, choose to visit less populated ones. Not only will you be rewarded with more pristine beaches and serene vistas, but you can also help reduce your carbon footprint. Choosing a sustainable destination translates to fewer people, less waste, and less stress for the environment.

2. Wear Sustainable Fashion

Another healthy habit of practicing sustainability is to shift to sustainable clothing. Sustainable fashion refers to articles of clothing designed, produced, distributed, and used in ways that are friendlier and safer for the environment. When you buy well-made and high-quality clothing, such as the ones we offer at Scarlett Poppies, you can expect to wear the pieces for a long time. Their design and craftsmanship are timeless and can go beyond seasons.

Wear Sustainable Beach Dresses Fashion

Our mini dress KNOTS MANIA is GOTS certified, the highest standard of sustainability certificate.

Ten percent of humanity’s carbon emissions can be attributed to the fashion industry. It’s also an industry responsible for being the second-largest consumer of the world’s water supply. The environmental impact may be less noticeable than pollution generated by cars or planes, but consumerism and fast fashion come at a high ecological cost.

That is why we at Scarlett Poppies have made it a point to produce ethically sourced and sustainably made clothes. Each easy-to-wear and well-fitted garment is made of low-impact and natural materials such as cotton and linen. The shells we use in our purses, for example, are made from real Mother of Pearl collected on the seashores along the Indian coastline.

Beach dresses to wear for the beach

We also support the craftsman skills of local artisans and feature traditional methods of embroidery to create contemporary pieces, thus ensuring that unique embroidery skillsets will be handed over from one generation to another.

With every Scarlett Poppies creation, you can see the distinct message we speak of – empowerment, fun, integrity, and unity. Our brand is fashion with a purpose, and we encourage you to seek ways to make more sustainable fashion and life choices.

3. Respect the Environment

Lastly, you need to have genuine respect for the environment. Remember that you share the place with its natural inhabitants – flora, fauna and the local community – so you should exercise a level of responsibility towards it.

Here are some of the ways that you can show respect and care for the environment:

Choose wildlife-friendly activities.

Avoid animal entertainment like feeding wild animals or riding elephants. Instead, you can visit a national park and watch animals roam freely. You can also volunteer at a certified animal rescue center.

Use organic or sustainable products.

Synthetic products and chemicals can leach onto bodies of water and harm marine life. Instead, use organic and environment-friendly products such as reef-safe sunscreen or hair products made by ethical companies.

Avoid single-use plastic.

About eight million tons of plastic are produced each year, and these go to landfills and oceans. While items such as disposable plates and utensils are used for mere minutes, it takes about 400 years for plastic and its additives to decompose. Using refillable bottles, bringing your own washable utensils, and bringing reusable bags are some of the ways to become more eco-friendly.

Pick up trash.

As you bring home memories of your fantastic beach vacation, remember not to leave any litter behind. Pick up trash, even if it’s not yours, while walking along the shore or clean up after you eat.  You don’t want to have more garbage floating around the sea, do you?

Beach dresses Ideas for your beach vacation

Beach-saving Basics

For people to enjoy nature’s beauty, it is crucial for everyone to do their part in caring for it. As you enjoy the beach, remember that you also have the responsibility to make sure that it stays as clean as it was created.

Take note of the simple ways that we have listed above, and keep in mind that you can make a big difference even in your little way.

Embrace the nature, feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly!

Beach Dresses & Other Beach Trip Basics