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5 Ways to Wear Your Warm Weather Outfits Post-Summer

Summer’s out. Fall and winter are in.

But don’t pack up your summer wear collection just yet. Did you know that you can still wear your favorite breezy beach dresses and resort wear staples even when the warm months are gone?

At Scarlett Poppies, we pride ourselves on our collection of versatile pieces that you can still wear comfortably and fabulously even after the summer season. Read on and find out how you can enjoy your summertime outfits at any time of year.

Transitional Fashion: Warm to Cold

You don’t have to stash away your summer staples just because the colder months came in. Transitional fashion is all about wearing just about anything you want. The more important thing to consider is that you feel comfortable and happy with your clothes.

You can still wear adorable mini dresses, oversized kaftans, or cute summer shorts in the seasons after summer. It doesn’t matter if it's the breezy spring, nippy fall, or chilly winter. As long as you know just what to pair with your summer outfits, then you don’t have to worry about accumulating more stuff to fill your cool-season wardrobe.

Transitional Fashion: Warm to Cold


Be smart about your fashion choices by mixing and matching pieces. Being chic doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank. It’s just a matter of choosing what will go well together. Below, our team at Scarlett Poppies have put together some easy tips and tricks to help you make use of your warm-weather outfits even after summer:

1.       Wear a Wrap

Your summer cover-ups and wraps can still be a key element in your cold season wardrobe. Just as it has shielded you from the scorching rays of the sun in the summer, your cover-ups can now protect you from the chill of the colder months.

For example, you can put on the Scarlett Poppies Minoza Embroidered Kimono over a long-sleeved top and skinny pants. Another option is to tuck our In the Moments ¾ Sleeve Blouse into a pair of jeans and wear the Jaedon Oversized Embroidered Kimono on over it.

Scarlett Poppies’ Belted Waistcoat is another versatile piece that you can wear over almost anything. It goes well with a frilly lavender cocktail dress in the spring or a slinky maxi dress in the fall. You can even wear it with leather pants, wide-legged trousers, or jeggings and just put on a heavier coat on top of it in the winter.

Jaedon Oversized Embroidered Beach Kimono

2.       Pile on the Shawls

When the weather gets chilly, you can also use shawls or scarves. A knitted scarf in burgundy or rust (or in any color that you prefer) will go well with any of Scarlett Poppies’ long-sleeved blouses, like our Forever Pinned Long-Sleeved Blouse or our Better Off Yoke-decorated Blouse.

3.       Add Coats and Jackets

Transitional fashion is heavy on layering, so feel free to wear your summer outfits and layer it with other pieces to keep you warm.

A good example would be to put on a denim or leather jacket over our Graphic Maxi Hand-beaded Beach Cover-up.

It can also work the other way around — wear your sleeveless or loose summer tops over warmer clothing pieces. For example, you can consider putting together a nude cashmere sweater and dark jeans, and then put our Jaipur Loose Fit Sleeveless top over it.  Another way would be to wear our Tina Printed Chiffon Blouse over a plain black thermal maxi dress.

Graphic Maxi Hand-beaded Beach Cover-up

4.       Try Tights

Tights and leggings make it more comfortable for you to wear summery outfits in the colder months. Some thicker tights and stockings can protect your legs from the chilly air, and thermal leggings provide both style and substance.

Try wearing black tights or leggings with our Easy Breezy Embroidered Long Kaftan Dress or our Bonita Yoke Decorated Empire Cut Dress.

Embroidered Long Kaftan Dress

5.       Switch to Warmer Footwear

When talking about transitional clothing, you shouldn’t forget footwear. Leave the sandals and flip flops behind and switch to warmer and covered footwear. Boots, moccasins, oxfords, and sneakers are some of the footwear options you can choose from.

Wear thick stockings and thigh-high boots with our Trogir Embroidered Tunic. You can also put on Scarlett Poppies’ Sunday Morning Tiered Embroidered Dress over a plain long-sleeved shirt, black leggings, and combat boots.

For a more formal look, match our Sanddunes Embroidered Kaftan Dress with black tights or leggings, wear a trench over it, and slip your feet into sleek ankle boots, fab ballet flats, or chunky heels.

Sanddunes Embroidered Kaftan Dress with black tights or leggings

Flexible and Fabulous

Switching between seasons is not a problem when it comes to outfits. With our stylish yet straightforward guide to wearing warm-season clothing, we’re sure that you can still make waves even when summer is over.

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