· By Scarlett Poppies

The BOHO Beach Dress: As Seen on Your Favorite Influencers!

An influencer is someone who has the power to affect the purchasing decisions of others because of their authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with their audience. It’s no wonder why influencers who have a deep level of engagement with their followers are sought-after by brands in their niche. 

The concept of influencers has long been embedded in the history of marketing. Initially, companies used compelling figures like celebrities and athletes to help sell their products through television and radio ads. The rise of social media has made other types of influencers more popular. 

The bulk of influencer marketing today occurs in social media. Micro-influencers and bloggers are a more cost-effective way to access instant credibility for growing brands.

Even if Scarlett Poppies is the “new kid on the block,” we have received from the day we launched our brand, numerous requests from bloggers and influencers who wanted to collaborate with us. We have and still are carefully selecting the right collaborators. But today we are just proud to show some beautiful content resulting from these collaborations, featuring the gorgeous line of Scarlett Poppies beach dresses for women, as well as other pieces.

BOHO Beach Dress Influencers

Sabina Lynn

Meet Sabina Lynn, influencer and blogger from Miami. She fell in love with our styles and created three beautiful posts with our NAMASTE blouse and NAMASKAR shorts. @sabinalynn


Serena Laurel

Next is a unique personality: Serena Laurel. She is a singer, actress and fashion enthusiast from Los Angeles, California wearing SANTORINI. @serenalaurel

Trendy Taste

Trendy Taste from Madrid, Spain has created these beautiful posts wearing our MY SWEET MINI dress, bandolera-style. @trendy_taste



Jenna, in Malaysia, is wearing Scarlett Poppies’s mini dress BONITA looking stunning on her. @jennagong


Karen Chain Dalapossa, Diana Marks & Izunia

The best seller has been our little black dress SWEET SURRENDER. You can see it below worn by Karen Chain Dalapossa, from Chicago Illinois, @karenchaine, by Diana Marks in Los Angeles, @dianamarksofficial and by the model Izunia from London, @izunia.motyl.