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3 Essentials to Pack for Your Dream Resort Holiday

Dreaming of your next holiday getaway? Looking forward to some uninterrupted and well-deserved time enjoying tropical sunshine and warm waters? Yes, everyone’s travel plans have definitely taken a different turn due to COVID-19 precautions, but nothing can stop any of us from doing the next fun thing: planning our outfits and perfecting the packing game.

Holiday packing can be kind of stressful, to find that magic balance between what you really need and the size of your suitcase. And if you live in a cold place and heading towards the sun, it is always challenging to visualize what it will be like at the final destination and a few days into the holiday when your pale skin has turned into a nice golden sun tan.

You don’t want to pack too much and be dragging a heavy suitcase around — but then again, neither do you want the disaster of packing too little. Not having enough of the right items could spoil your enjoyment of your dream getaway.

Beach outfits for your holiday gataway


So, how do you hit the sweet spot of not too much or too little? We have many experienced travelers and resort wear experts here at Scarlett Poppies. In fact, we live and breathe beautiful beach clothing and resort wear that allows its wearer to feel stylish and comfortable. This is our go-to list of must-haves for a week in resort heaven.

Before we get started with the final selection, it is always helpful to create a structure in your final luggage – and to be equipped for that. If you separate your clothes into categories, you will easily get an overview of what you have for each occasion and this eliminates the chances of missing out on certain items at the cost of perhaps too much of something else. You can find mesh bags with zippers at shops like Muji, and then divide into swimwear, underwear, beachwear, training / fitness, going out at nights etc.  The beauty of using these mesh bags are also that it is easy to unpack at your final destination and you can keep the small items inside the mesh bags at all times, neat, lean and organized.

3 Essentials Beachwear for Your Dream Resort Holiday

1.   Quality swim and beachwear

Swimwear is the first item on everyone’s list. After all, you’re going to spend a large part of your week in your beachwear. Here’s our advice for choosing it right.

In what styles?

We would recommend having a few different styles of swimsuit. If you plan on engaging in more active swimming or watersports, you will need something practical. Add some more fun or frivolous swimwear, too, for lounging poolside — something that celebrates who you are and where you are. And while you are at home – keep in mind to pack some extra plastic zip bags with you to host wet swimwear once you change on the beach, You don’t want everything in your beach bag to become wet. Plastic bags are overall less common for sustainable reasons and not necessarily easy to get hold of, and a plastic zip bag can be used over and over again.

 Pay careful attention to the quality and fabrics of your chosen swimwear. Spending a week in an upscale resort is an occasion for wearing good quality garments that will look smart and hold their shape. Ensure the fabrics will be comfortable and not irritate your skin. For cover-ups, we recommend natural fabrics wherever possible, like cool linen or cotton. 

Quality swim and beach outfits


How many?

Take at least two items of swimwear, possibly three. Variety is the spice of life and we wouldn’t normally want to wear the same outfit all week. Your holiday will be no exception.

There are practical reasons, too. A few different pieces of swimwear can help you avoid awkward tan lines. Plus, it’s ideal to always have access to dry swimwear — nobody likes putting on a wet swimsuit, especially under clothes.

In addition, you’ll need two or three cover-ups or kimonos, too. These may be essential for moving around the resort according to dress code, or for lunch or afternoon drinks, or just for giving your skin a break at the hottest part of the day. Beach cover-ups and kimonos are cute and stylish and take up virtually no room in your luggage.

 Stylish Beachwear for Your Dream Resort Holiday

2.   Comfortable but stylish daywear

It is wise to pack a couple of outfits that will see you through a day or two of sightseeing or exploring.

In what styles?

We recommend cool and comfortable clothing. Maxi dresses and kaftan dresses are a favorite. They can be dressed up or down and come in so many styles and prints; there is a perfect maxi-dress out there for everyone. They are also useful for making sure you don’t offend any cultural sensitivities wherever you are traveling. Long kimono dusters are another great way to create a dressed up statement look, together with just denim shorts and a tank top.

Kaftan dresses for women

Boho-style tops teamed up with shorts is not only stylish but also practical for city excursions or lunches out. In natural fabrics, outfits like these will be comfortable in tropical heat. Embroidery, pintuck and laces add beautiful, delicate detailing that make these outfits stand out, and create that nice effortless holiday look.

How many?

This will depend on how often you plan to leave the pool or beach! Of course, you will need to plan outfits for travelling, too.

 Boho-style summer tops teamed up with shorts

3.    Versatile eveningwear

With no reason to get up early, you can make the most of the long, balmy evenings on your vacation.

In what styles?

Different resorts have different dress codes so be sure to check before you shop or pack for your vacation. It might be anything from “resort elegant casual” to “formal” in the evening.

Elegant casual means you can wear the kinds of outfits you might wear out at home for an evening out with friends. Opt for dressing up your day outfits like maxi dresses or summer dresses with light scarves and costume jewelry, and perhaps a pair of mules or slingbacks.

If a more dressy or formal look is required, pack outfits you might wear as a guest to a summer wedding or drinks reception. For instance, switch cottons and linens chiffon or georgette, trade costume jewelry for gold, and take a pair or two of dressier sandals for the evening.


How many? 

Most of us would prefer to have something different to wear on most evenings (if not every evening) of the vacation. Your evenings will be spent sipping cocktails and dining out. It would be nice to have several outfits that make you feel fabulous and dressed for the occasion.

Mixing and matching is the way forward. It’s surprisingly easy to make one dress look quite different by switching accessories or shoes, or by wearing your hair up or down. You may be able to put together a week of different ensembles using just three or four basic pieces.

 Keeping safe and stylish

Travelling soon? Make sure to check the local regulations regarding wearing masks at your target holiday destination. Here is the good news: You can protect yourself and others around you while keeping your unique sense of style with our line of gorgeous fashion masks. Made of 100% cotton, our masks are made in classy colors never going out of styles. They are decorated with beautiful embroidered borders, framing your face nicely and even adding a little oomph to your outfit. And the best of it all – they are washable and it is a far more sustainable option than the disposable masks.



All the other essentials

There are some other essentials that will help keep you feeling and looking your best:

  • Sunglasses and an amazing hat for wearing by the pool
  • Flip-flops or beach sandals — more comfortable footwear if you plan to walk anywhere, plus footwear to match your evening outfits
  • A tote bag for carrying your beach and pool bits, plus a smaller bag for accessorizing other outfits
  • Sleepwear
  • Toiletries, sunscreen, cosmetics and fragrance
  • Reading material, audio-books, podcasts or music to help you relax
  • Training and yoga clothes
  • Beach towels

Make sure you have a well-packed suitcase with the essentials above and, finally, great people to accompany you. These should be all you need for a week of fun and incredible relaxation in your beach heaven. 

Check out Scarlett Poppies for gorgeous and comfy beach and resort wear for your next vacation. And the prettiest fashion masks in 100% cotton!