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Celebrating Beautiful, Sunny Dubai with Boutique Nomads

Dubai is the ultimate travel destination in so many different ways. From its magnificent skyline to its glistening sandy shores, Dubai is without a doubt one of the world’s most luxurious destinations. Although often thought of as a city without any substance with all the modern buildings and a flawless surface, there is also a prominent cultural heart worth exploring. Whether you visit Dubai to see its daring, ultra-sleek architectural sights, its thriving modern art scene, or its diverse range of fine restaurants, bars, beach clubs and boutiques, you will be consistently amazed by the immense attention to detail, the cleanliness and the exceptionally high level of service wherever you go. A modern metropolis with glossy exterior, layered with an Arabic touch and a beautiful cultural heritage – that’s the magic with Dubai.


Outdoor life in Dubai

The busy season is during winter, when many tourists come from Europe to escape the cold, but also when the temperature is really pleasant and one can enjoy outdoor life to the fullest. From the beach to city parks to the sand dunes in a desert safari, you’ll find plenty of reasons to make the most of both your cold-weather and summer wear collection during this season.

The beaches of Dubai offer an endless array of water sports and activities. Pay for a day pass to experience any of the numerous high-end beach clubs connected with 5-star luxury hotels, or opt to soak the sun at one of the nice public beaches in the city. You can have a relaxing day on the beach, go snorkeling, enjoy a luxurious dinner cruise — or maybe chose all of the above?

Stylish, sun-soaked fun with this must-visit store

But Dubai is far more than just skyscrapers, fine dining and beaches. It is also home to many of the world’s largest shopping malls, concept stores and personalized boutiques offering a wide selection of various brands and price points. Scarlett Poppies is of course present in Dubai and and our collections are also showcased in a very unique boutique: Boutique Nomads. This stylish boutique is located within one of the most stunning hotels in Dubai, the Mandarin Oriental Jumeira and they also just opened a second store at the Waldorf Astoria The Palm. If you are living in Dubai or just passing through, these pretty boutiques are definitely worth a visit.

Scarlett Poppies collection of flowy tops displayed at the store


Apart from its beautiful concept store, Boutique Nomads also sells online. In addition to the Scarlett Poppies collection which includes our in-demand women’s beach cover-ups, their assortment also includes renowned brands from Australia, the US, Scandinavia and the UK as well as unique artisan crafts. They offer a carefully curated, one-of-a-kind selection of novelty and design items from across the globe, delivered to style-conscious customers in the UAE and to tourists and business travelers visiting their stores. While they constantly look for new designs and edgy styles at affordable prices, they pay equal attention to quality and ethical production standards and leaves no stone unturned in their brand research. The shop at Mandarin Oriental Jumeira is a true delight for the eye, and with so many beautiful pieces of clothing and accessories to choose from, a true feel-good-boutique for the woman who is always on the lookout for special pieces. They also have a colorful pop-up store at Kite Beach, one of the most popular beaches in Dubai.

Whatever you are looking for, Boutique Nomad’s mission is to inspire you to go play outside and enjoy the sun and nature, and they ensure you are perfectly equipped for that!

Follow them on instagram (@boutiquenomads), like them on facebook.com/BoutiqueNomads or contact them on hello@boutique-nomads.com.

 Scarlett Poppies collection of flowy tops displayed at the store