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More Than a Cover-Up: 3 Ways to Wear and Glam Up Your Kaftan

While kaftans and kimonos are among the top choices for women’s beach cover-ups, there are many other fabulous ways to wear a kaftan; from day to night, at the beach and beyond.

Work That Kaftan

The kaftan dresses goes a long way back in history and it is really only in the last century that kaftans have been made fashionable and a popular ready-to-wear product, especially in sunny destinations. It is typically long and flowing and creates a sense of feeling effortlessly cool when wearing it. It combines versatility, comfort, and style and that’s exactly why we cannot have enough of them.

At Scarlett Poppies we consider kaftans and kimonos to be staple items and must-have pieces for almost every collection we launch. Inspired by many different cultures, each piece is meticulously handcrafted by local artisans using fabrics that are mainly derived from natural materials and manufactured in factories with fair working conditions.

We take pride in creating kimonos, cover-ups, and beach dresses and using traditional embroidery methods with a modern twist. Our online presence makes it easy for you to access our special garments in just a few clicks.

 Women Kaftan dresses

 If you wish to make kaftans a part of your wardrobe, we have made simple suggestions for wearing it. As a bonus, we’ve also rounded up some tips and tricks to transform a simple outfit  to become an absolutely stunning outfit wearing a finely crafted kaftan piece.

1. Wear it to formal affairs

From its historical origins as an overgarment worn by royalty, the kaftan has come to modern shores as a famous cover-up for beachwear. Whatever it may be called (caftan, kaftan or kimono), the fact remains that this piece of clothing is making waves on the beach.

While our Ready for the Beach oversized embroidered kaftan can be the ideal cover-up for your swimsuit, you can also wear it to more formal affairs. Whether you choose to Onyx Black, True Rust, or Crispy White, its metallic thread embroidery will make you stand out from the crowd. Wear this knee-length, quarter-sleeved kaftan with a plain simple tube top, leather leggings, and open sandals, and you’re sure to make jaws drop. You will ooze confidence!

 EMBROIDERED Kaftan dresses for women

 You can also choose to wear our Sanddunes long kaftan dress for a beach wedding, a corporate summer party, or a smashing dinner date by the beach. Its black and gold lurex stripes adds that perfectly balanced - understated yet dressed-up - appeal.

2. Go casual chic

You can also wear kaftans even if you’re not tanning and sunning. Our Easy Breezy Short Embroidered Kaftan is a backless number that can be worn over a tube top and denim shorts for a relaxing day or while enjoying brunch with friends. Embellished with geometric embroidery and lace contouring, it is also a feminine number, especially if worn over a lace bandeau and paired with skinny jeans and strappy sandals.

 EMBROIDERED Beach Kaftan dresses

If you want more coverage for those windy evening walks or movie dates, why not wear Scarlett Poppies’ Minoza over our Nice Lace Strap Top or our Frays Sleeveless Embroidered Top? Whether you pair it with our High-Waisted Linen Shorts, a mini skirt, or pencil pants, the Minoza Long Kimono will surely complete the look with its banana collar and oversized sleeves.

 Scarlett poppies kaftan dresses

3. Make it boho

Bohemian-inspired outfits are a crowd favorite, and a kaftan is something that will surely dial up the chic factor.

Channel the boho vibe with our Jaibrian Voluminous Kaftan. Go for a leisurely picnic looking like a fashion fairy with its embroidered raglan sleeves with handmade tassels. Dance and skip with carefree abandon as its high side slits allow you freedom of movement. Ladder lace inserts also lend a rustic charm to this kaftan dress.

 women’s kaftan dresses

For a splash of color, the longer variant of our Easy Breezy Long Kaftan Dress will make you feel like you’re a walking ray of sunshine. Spread love and peace dressed in its semi-sheer glory, complete with gorgeous geometric embroidery and lace edges. Wear it over a one-piece romper, tank top and jeans combo or with plain-colored boho pants and be ready to wow the universe.

Bonus Tips: Glam Up Your Kaftan

To glam up your outfit, wear simple gold hoop earrings and bangles. Elegant pieces of jewelry can add glamour and glitz to your kaftan attire. To avoid a cluttered or overdressed look, it’s best to go for simple pieces when your kaftan is already heavily embroidered or has distinct details.

Another tip for elevating your kaftan outfit is to wear the right footwear. For printed kaftans, go for nude or monochromatic colors. Depending on where you are going, heel height may vary. Accentuate with a nice purse or bag that doesn’t clash with the kaftan’s color or print, and you’re good to go.

Glam Up in a Cover-up

Kaftans need not be relegated to the beach. It can be an effortless, casual cover-up over tees, shorts, and flats, or an exquisite piece that adds drama to your formal attire. Remember to balance it with the right amount of accessories, and you will undoubtedly uncover more fashion fun with your kaftan.

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