· By Scarlett Poppies

Chill Out! How to Stay Cool in the Summer

Are you melting away in the hot summer heat? Chill out and enjoy summer again! Learn how to stay cool in summer with these quick and simple tips.

As much as we absolutely adore the summertime for all it has on offer and the fact that we often create memories to last for a life time, there are also a few drawbacks.

During the hottest days, the summer heat might cause that you feel dizzy and at unease. If you don’t have access to central or A/C, it can quickly become easy to melt away – with nowhere to escape.

Luckily, there are many great ways to beat the heat to stay cool, safe, happy and comfy.

Read on, and we’ll walk you through how to stay cool in the summer with a few easy tips.

How to stay cool in the summer?

Get Smart with Your Sheets

One area where people really struggle to beat the heat is in bed. It can seem impossible to fall asleep when you’re drenched in sweat and struggling to get cool. There are a few tips for dealing with summer heat in the bedroom, and it starts with your bed sheets.

Get Smart with Your Sheets in the summer

If you want to stay cool, one of the best things you can do is to purchase or use cotton sheets. They are light, breathable, and will help you stay cool when lying down. Be mindful of reading the content label when shopping for bedlinen; cotton mix with polyester is common for the ease of washing and no ironing, however polyester has properties more similar to plastic. Aim for 100% cotton or go more premium; 100% linen or cotton / linen blend.

Use cotton Sheets

Another great cheat to stay cool? Put your sheets in the freezer before heading to bed. It’s an amazing way to make your sheets insanely cool and refreshing as you get into bed. You may want to put them in a plastic bag to ensure that they’re clean and ready to sleep in – as well as ensuring that your food still stays fresh.

Wear Linen for Cool Success

Wear Linen for Cool Success

There’s nothing more important when it comes to dealing with the weather than dressing yourself properly. What SHOULD you wear? We recommend embracing our linen wardrobe. Enjoy the comfort that linen provides. Linen always looks fresh and understated – never under- or over-dressed.

The benefits with linen are quite unique as are the characteristic crinkles that are unavoidable when wearing linen. And which we are totally okay with it as that’s just how linen is.

Linen is breathable and hence regulates temperature, it absorbs moisture in a magical way and it reflects the heat. If ever in doubt what to choose for your summer wardrobe, when comfort matters – aim for linen!

Wear Linen for Cool Success

Cotton is our second choice. Some people even suggest that if you have the option, wearing cotton clothing is preferable to being naked. Though some people go this route at home to stay cool, some research indicates that nudity may actually cause the produce the body to release more sweat, furthering dehydrating the body.

The thumb rule is to always aim for natural fibers; cotton, ramie, linen, silk and also cool wool, a finer yarn count and weave as compared to the fluffy woolen socks are grandmas use to knit.

Stuck at Home? Create a Cross Breeze

Nothing is worse than being stuck in a home with no central A/C - the warm stuffy air can make even the prettiest, coziest place turning into a nightmare. Solution? Create a cross-breeze. What’s a cross-breeze? It’s airflow coming from two different directions. For example, if you have windows on two opposite sides of a room, it’s a great idea to open both. This way air can cycle freely across the room and out, and hot stilted air doesn’t get trapped in place.

 Create a cross-breeze in the summer

Even if you don’t have the perfect window set up, placing a fan directly across from an open window can create a perfect cross-hair to sit in.

Turn Off all the Lights

This one might seem self-explanatory, but you’d be surprised at how many people let this one slide. One way to ensure your home keeps cool as long as possible. Even environmentally-friendly bulbs tend to give off a certain amount of heat.

Turn Off all the Lights

Luckily, the summer has long days and natural light should last you most of the day. Try keeping the lights off and the curtains somewhat drawn during the day. This should help to prevent rooms from heating up quickly to begin with. While this isn’t a perfect solution (your home still might get quite warm by the time the late afternoon rolls around) it’s a good preventive measure to take anyway.

Keep Plenty of Plants Around

There’s a lot of good reasons to keep some greenery in your home. It can help your attitude, your breathing, and your mental health. But for the summer months, houseplants can also do one more key thing: help to keep you cool. 

Keep Plenty of Plants Around

Plants release moisture back into the air as part of their natural life process. There’s a reason you might have felt so cool and refreshed the times you’ve walked into a greenhouse. Having a lot of plants around can really combat cruel and warm summer air and help to keep things much more breathable. So if you’re looking to make your home a more pleasant place visually and in terms of air quality, stopping by your local plant store can be the way to go. Remember to give back to them by spraying them with water every day – and feeding them with water as often as they need it.

Drink Lots of Peppermint Tea

Delicious ice cream seems like a natural choice when its warm outside, but too much of it will end up being counter-productive for the waistline. For a much healthier, and ultimately cooler choice – head towards the ancient remedies in the form of peppermint tea. A glass of peppermint tea can be a cool and refreshing treat on a warm day. The menthol tricks your body into feeling cold allover.

 Drink Lots of Peppermint Tea

Not a tea fan? You can still enjoy the cooling effects of menthol by applying a peppermint spray to your skin and face. You will cool down and feel more comfortable on a hot day.

Eat Food with Plenty of Water

Be mindful of the heat and how it quickly kicks out your system function unless you keep on hydrating yourself frequently. Dehydration can be uncomfortable or potentially even fatal, depending on the severity involved. Of course, you should be drinking as much water as possible, 3-4 liters per day will be helpful if you are constantly exposed to the heat. It is also wise to choose high water content food.

Eat Food with Plenty of Water

Fruits are one of the best sources of extra water. Snacking on some slices of watermelon (it’s in the name!) can help keep you refreshed, as well as cucumbers, cantaloupe, and other fruits. These treats are easy to prepare, taste great, and are super easy on your digestive system. They can’t be beat when it comes to a great summer treat. For an even fresher and cooler take on fruits, make home-made fruit sorbets.

Remember that your body might crave extra electrolytes, especially if you do physical hard exercise in the heat. You can get electrolytes at your local pharmacy store and take as preventive care. Rather safe than sorry!

Bonus tip: Drink Fruit Smoothies

Who wouldn’t want a fresh, cold smoothie on a hot day? Whether you’re looking to get your daily requirement of fruits and veggies, recovering after a hard workout, or want something quick and nutritious for breakfast, a smoothie will do the trick. Here are 2 easy recipes to follow: