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Introducing: the MOONSTONE collection

Moonstone. A symbol for new beginnings, a stone for inner growth and strength.
The Moonstone collection takes us back to our roots and our desire to reconnect with nature.

It embraces nature through our choices of fibers and tranquility by carefully selected colors, and the finest attention to handcrafted details. It’s a tribute to unique craftsman skills to be preserved for the future; ranging from hand embroidery, beadwork to perfectly aligned macrame artwork made
beautifully all by hand. Moonstone collection is about exquisite, truly unique designs made to last beyond one season: the inner strength of Scarlett Poppies.

Each collection will also always showcase unique embroidery techniques and other handmade elements ensuring that jobs are created in the garment industry, rather than removed by modern machines replacing skilled artisans. 

We choose materials carefully and our fabrics originate from what nature offers; cotton, linen, silk and viscose; the latter generated from cellulosic pulp.

We use up stock fabrics from one collection to another to minimize waste and unnecessary negative impact on Mother Earth.

Wherever possible we aim to choose organic fabric options rather than conventional, and we only use fabrics that are locally available and produced in the country where we stitch the actual garments and to avoid excessive transportation within the supply chain.

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