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Article: Resort Wear Wishlist: Ways To Dress Up for Your Dream Holiday

Resort Wear Wishlist: Ways To Dress Up for Your Dream Holiday

Resort Wear Wishlist: Ways To Dress Up for Your Dream Holiday

Days of bliss are finally here or for some, just around the corner. Romantic walks along the seashore with sand between your toes and the sea breeze in your hair; lazy afternoons by the pool, and exotic evenings of cocktails, dining and dancing. Your long awaited dream holiday is finally happening!

But are you wondering what to wear? 

Packing for holiday can be a bit of a challenge, especially since many of us didn’t buy much new items last summer which was still in the midst of the pandemic.

There are two aspects of organizing resort wear that might come across as challenging. The first is that it requires so much extra thought; lots of your favorite go-to pieces may need to stay at home.

Secondly, it can be difficult to pack for a destination you’ve not been to before as there are so many question marks over temperature, climate, dress codes and more.

And if you are in the midst of winter when packing for a sunny beach destination, it is just hard to imagine how warm it will be and how much skin you would eventually be comfortable with showing off. The gradually built-up tan will change our perspectives on what looks good as we get there.


Wondering what to wear? - Summer wear collection from Scarlett Poppies


Don’t despair, there are solutions for everything in life. Read on and find out how you can make packing a breeze and perfect your summer wear collection wardrobe in no time.

Plan ahead

One thing you can do to lessen the stress is to understand how to pack well for a resort holiday. Packing smart means you bring clothes that are just right for the occasion. With our guide, you can be sure that most general things are covered when it comes to what to wear at a resort.

Here’s our short and sweet guide to ensuring that you are elegantly and comfortably kitted out for your dream holiday:

1. Pack the swimwear basics

First, remember that you don’t have to bring everything. A good way to make sure you pack light is to start with the essentials.

Begin with swimwear. If you expect to swim everyday, at least two sets would be ideal because then you will always have a dry costume to put on.

Don’t forget to bring moisturizer, sunscreen, a pair of sunglasses, and maybe even a wide-brim hat. A beach bucket bag or backpack like our pretty Isabella bag is also worth having so you can use it to store your beach and pool essentials there. Research the weather, pool or beach-side dress code and bring the appropriate items to make your stay as comfy as possible.

You’ll also need a selection of cover-ups. These can shield you from the sun or a cool breeze and can make sure you are dressed appropriately as you get from the beach or pool to your hotel room.

At Scarlett Poppies, we love delicate, embroidered kimonos, kaftans and tunic style cover-ups. These pieces are elegant, timeless and inspired by our own travels.

2. Bring some appropriate daytime outfits

If you want to spend some time sightseeing, shopping or dining away from your resort, then you’ll need to make sure you’ve packed enough of the right pieces to do so.

As before, the types of pieces you should take will depend on the climate and local cultural expectations. Beyond this, you should try to take pieces that are as lightweight and versatile as possible.

Bring some appropriate daytime outfits

Our high-waisted cotton and linen shorts, hand-embroidered khaki shorts, and white casual shorts are pieces that you can wear with different styles of tops for variety. You can even incorporate them into your evening wear.

For example, pair them with a light and airy pintuck blouse with lace inserts for morning strolls or with a tube top and our belted waistcoat for dinner under the stars. Neutral-colored pieces are perfect as you can so easily pair them.

3. Add a few items that will elevate your wardrobe for evening

Make the most of warm, balmy evenings with starlit dinners, waterside drinks and dancing into the small hours.

Once again, check the dress codes for places you might want to spend the evening in and pack accordingly. To cope with the heat, leave your heavier dresses at home and opt for lightweight or natural fabrics. Less is often more, and a simple dress will get fresh life by carefully chosen accessories.

Add a few items that will elevate your wardrobe for evening

The feminine mini-dresses and maxi-dresses from Scarlett Poppies’ Shells collection are ideal for evenings. Available in fabrics like semi-sheer cotton or chiffon, these styles are stylish yet cool and comfortable. Look out for beautiful prints and interesting details like vintage lace inserts and delicate hand embroidery.

Don’t forget to accessorize with pretty shoes, embroidered face coverings (you may not need them at final destination, but most airports and airlines require that you wear masks) and a classy bag for your night out. Choose from our charming mirror or shell-embellished pouches, purses and bags for carrying a few evening essentials without being weighed down.

Enjoy the moment

Planning ahead is the key to an idyllic, stress-free holiday. Follow the tips above to make sure you’ve got the perfect mix of stylish holiday staples and a few special pieces that will help you look and feel amazing.

Scarlett Poppies Summer Clothing to look elegant & stylish

At Scarlett Poppies, we have all the right pieces to take you from day and night. Our clothing is designed to be elegant, stylish and inspiring. Yet we also make sure our pieces are practical, comfortable and long-lasting so that you can make more sustainable fashion choices. We promise that our high-quality pieces will be with you on this adventure and many more to come.

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