· By Scarlett Poppies

What to Wear with Shorts: A Top-to-Toe Guide

Do you ever wonder what to do with the summer shorts in your closet? Well, enough wondering and start mix-and-matching. Explore the many fashionable possibilities of how to wear your shorts with Scarlett Poppies’ beautiful styles.

Shortcuts to Sensational

The key to a sensational wardrobe (and a sustainable one, at that) is to be creative with the ones you already have. You just need to invest in timeless pieces and use these to create a whole new look.

You can do this with women’s summer shorts, cut-offs, or other short trousers, that have found their way to the bottom of your clothing bin. Whether it’s because of the current season or you simply do not have the confidence to put together a “shorts” outfit tastefully, don’t worry about it.  We at Scarlett Poppies will give you top-to-toe tips on how to make use of these tiny trousers best.

But before we delve into the pairings, it’s best to start with the basics. As a rule, it is ideal to buy shorts that are the correct length for you. Ladies on the petite side would do well with shorter shorts. Opting for shorts that show a little bit more leg can help give the illusion of height. Women who are slightly taller than average are more likely to pull off wearing longer shorts, such as cargo pants or Bermuda shorts.

If you want to play it safe, you can go for mid-length shorts as this cut can be flattering for most shapes and sizes. Speaking of shapes, do mind the fit of the shorts that you’re eyeing. Some can be so baggy that it will make you look frumpy, while others can be so tight that it will make you feel uncomfortable.

Mind the leg opening and fit the garment to check how it also looks from behind. Make sure that the shorts don’t pull across your rear. Avoid shorts that sag and also pay attention to pocket placement. These factors can make or break your shorts ensemble.

Shorts Styling Tips

Now that we have the short introduction to finding the right shorts out of the way, we can proceed to how you can make it work with other clothing items. Here’s a quick guide on how to wear shorts:

1. Chic Casuals

Let’s face it. Shorts can be a go-to garment when you want just to be comfortable. A great pair would be the perfect outfit for a backyard barbecue, a sporty outing, or a casual get-together with friends. It gives you freedom of movement and the confidence to do the things you enjoy.

Take, for example, Scarlett Poppies’ High-Waisted Linen Shorts. Made of natural linen, this pair will go perfectly with our round neck Pintuck Blouson for sunlit dates at the beach. You can also pair it with a sleeveless chiffon top with intricate embroidery for a day at the mall, such as Intropia.

Accessorize by toting a linen bucket bag or a linen beach backpack. Wear a printed headband, your fave cap, or statement earrings to put some spice into your wardrobe. Bangles, athleisure accessories, and a carefree smile will surely brighten up the look as well.

Make sure to wear proper footwear to complete your casual ensemble. Add a pop of color with bright espadrilles, or for a sporty look, sneakers is your choice. You can also go for squeaky-clean white flats or boho-inspired laced-up sandals. If it’s the beach you’re off to, then some fabulous flip-flops will also do the trick.

2. Comfortable yet nodding to formal

Yes, you read that right. You can wear shorts for dressed-up affairs, provided that you wear a pair the right way. Of course, you still have to mind the dress code and the venue, and as a practice it is always worth to check with a restaurant before you go there.

An excellent example of a formal event where you can wear shorts is weddings held at a resort or seaside venue. For example, you can wear Scarlett Poppies’ High-Waisted Belted Cotton Shorts paired with a broderie Anglaise puff sleeve blouse for a garden wedding. Pair it with heeled wedges and a mirror-embellished pouch, and you’d be earning appreciative glances from the crowd.

Why not pair our 100% cotton shorts with the versatile Scarlett Poppies’ Waistcoat for a business meeting by the bay? Complete the ensemble with a sleek ponytail, statement jewelry and sky-high heels.

3. Texture Twists

Whether the event you’re going to is casual, formal or in-between, you can also try our Pacific Sunset hand-embroidered shorts. This pair can feel at home at a poolside reunion worn with a slouchy T-shirt or just a sporty tank top.

Playing with texture can put a twist to your shorts outfit. By choosing shorts with embellishments, you can look feminine and classy. The lightweight drapey fabric makes it comfortable to wear, while the elasticated waist provides a unique casual feel. Also perfect with high-heels for those sunset dinners.

Don’t Shortchange Yourself

Whether you are a shorts fanatic or only starting to appreciate the value it gives to your closet, the tips mentioned above can get you started on looking good in shorts ensembles.

More importantly, you have to invest in good-quality shorts. Do not shortchange yourself by buying trendy fast fashion products. Instead, go for timeless designs in classic colors that are made from natural materials and produced in ethically conscious environments. By choosing high-quality and premium products, you can help protect the planet and still look exquisitely fashionable while doing it.