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Summer Blouses in the Boardroom: 5 Style Tips That Work

Light summer blouses are a go-to piece during the warmer months. Why? Because they are timeless and elegant, yet cool and comfortable.

A lightweight cotton or chiffon blouse feels breezy in the summer, letting air circulate and avoiding the clinginess of heavier fabrics. At Scarlett Poppies, we love the intricate detailing and embroidery to be found on so many of our summer blouses, too. We think they should be a staple in every warm-weather wardrobe for any occasion.

How to Wear a Summer Blouse at Work

You might be wondering how you can style your summer blouse to be able to wear it exactly where you need it: in the office.

Choosing office wear when temperatures peak isn’t easy. You need outfits that are comfortable enough to not distract you from the task at hand, yet are still smart enough to maintain a professional look.

Tips for wearing a summer blouse at work

How about a summer blouse? With a looser silhouette and often more casual detailing, you might more often wear this piece for a weekend stroll or for coffee with friends. However, with the right styling, it will also find its spot in your professional wardrobe.

Summer Blouses Style Tips in the Boardroom

 To learn how to incorporate your looser summer blouses into your smarter weekday outfits, follow our styling tips below. Plus, take a look at our suggestions for a few beautiful, understated and very adaptable Scarlett Poppies summer blouses, too.

5 Must-know Styling Tips

1.     Add a blazer for a sharper look

A simple blazer over a looser summer blouse completely alters the silhouette from free and floaty style to a far more polished look. For a warmer weather look that works with your blouse, avoid darker, muted shades. Instead, play with color and opt for a blazer in an understated pastel shade, like dusty pink or a warm off-white. Or, if you prefer, add a pop of color in something more vibrant.

If you wear your blazer all day in the office, then you can keep the rest of your outfit more easy-fitting, too. A maxi or midi skirt teamed with your blouse and blazer will help you feel fresh and comfortable all day.  So will wide leg summer trousers or culottes.

Wear a Blazer for a sharper look

2.     Update a pencil skirt for summer...

A pencil skirt is a classic look for the boardroom and you may have several in your professional wardrobe. The pencil skirt offers such a distinct, crisp silhouette. Adding a breezy summer blouse balances it perfectly for the summer season.

If your pencil skirts come in darker, monotone colors, then a crisp white blouse in a soft fabric is a classic choice. Or go more feminine by adding a delicate, eyelet embroidered blouse.

3.     … or tailored trousers

The same idea applies to tailored trousers of any style. The silhouette created by a tapered or straight leg can be softened with a floaty summer shirt or blouse. Understated embroidery details on the blouse add the right summer vibes.

Wear a summer top with more dramatic sleeves

A summer top with more dramatic sleeves also creates an amazing shape when tucked into high-waisted trousers.

4.    Cinch in a looser top with a smart belt

A floaty summer top can be reinvented by layering it with a smart belt. Draw in any loose-fitting summer blouse, shirt or dress at the waist and completely alter its silhouette with a contrasting dark leather belt or similar.   

Cinch in a loose top with a smart belt

5.     Layer sheer blouses with camisoles

You might be more accustomed to layering a sheer summer blouse with your swimwear. However, it can be made boardroom-friendly by adding a block-colored camisole underneath. For a smarter look, opt for a camisole with wider straps across the shoulders.

5 Scarlett Poppies Summer Tops That Are Perfect for the Office

Finally, here are five of our favorite tops that will help you perfect the looks detailed above.

1. FOREVER GRATEFUL – Loose fitted embellished boho top

We are heads over heels for this pretty, vintage-inspired boho blouse! Its squared neckline and oversized sleeve along with the loose comfy fit, make it timeless and a great investment for your summer wardrobe. Cut from fine-textured cotton, it also has delicate lace inserts, placement embroideries, and delicate beadwork giving a little bit of understated sparkle.

FOREVER GRATEFUL – Loose fitted embellished boho top

2. KNOTS ABOUT YOU - Hand embellished top

This is a crisp white top made from our sustainable cotton. Its scalloped edges add lots of interest to an office outfit. An effortless way of creating a comfortable office look when teamed up with tailored trousers or bermuda shorts.

 Crisp white top made from Scarlett Poppies sustainable cotton

3. BETTER OFF - Yoke decorated blouse

Another sheer blouse, this time in a vintage-look cream color. Its cuffed, billowing ¾ length sleeves will keep you cool all day. An easy-to-style blouse thanks to its understated yet feminine detailing and works really well with tailored office separates. And is totally “above-keyboard” attractive!

Cuffed, billowing ¾ length sleeves

4. TINA - Printed chiffon blouse

This is a full-sleeved sheer blouse with raglan sleeves and a frill neck. Its sheer fabric in a delicate, feminine pattern is perfect for pairing with a camisole and tucking into tailored trousers or skirts for the office.  

TINA - Printed chiffon blouse

5. SIMONE – Oversized lace inserted cotton blouson

This all-around loose-fitted volume blouse has its influence from the 70’, while the volume sleeve makes it totally up to date. Cut from a light-weight cotton fabric with a fine dobby stripe design and with its delicate lace inserts, this blouse is a true summer wardrobe staple for a long time to come!

SIMONE – Oversized lace inserted cotton blouson

Browse through our collection online today to find more great looks, mindfully crafted, for your professional summer wardrobe!