· By Scarlett Poppies

Introducing: the DESERT ROSE collection

Desert Rose evokes nomadic vibes and sensual femininity mixed with bold expressions.

A visual narrative taking us back to our source of inspiration for this collection – earth, wind, and fire - further expressed in colors, prints, and shapes reconnecting to the true basic elements.

Desert Rose was shot at the most stunning Fossil Dunes in the desert outside Abu Dhabi. A scene so serene yet magical while encapsulating what this collection is all about.

Styles and prints are rooted in the powerful notion that every piece is created for a reason, made to transcend many seasons, and always with attention to detail.

Earth, wind, and fire. Where there is energy there is life.🖤

In October 2021, we adventured in the Abu Dhabi desert, and we were delighted to have the most stunning photoshoot at the FOSSIL DUNES. With the heat and wind, we dare to say that the day was beyond challenging, but the right energy and team members kept us going. The visuals are absolutely amazing and it was so much worth it in the end! 🖤

Join us for a glimpse of “behind the scenes” and a preview of the new collection, soon available online. Enjoy!