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Article: What to Pack and Wear on a European Summer Vacation

What to Pack and Wear on a European Summer Vacation

What to Pack and Wear on a European Summer Vacation

Summer in Europe is usually from June to September which are the perfect months to visit and travel around. No matter where you visit, you should always check the weather in advance. Some destinations are consistently hot throughout the summer such as Rome while others experience a brief heatwave followed by cold wind and rain such as the UK and the Scandinavian countries.

Knowing what to wear in Europe in summer is vital to your travel adventures. Here are our recommendations:


Chic Beach Dresses to Pack and Wear in Europe

Dresses are one of the most perfect outfits to pack and wear in Europe in the summertime as the weather in most cities in Europe can get too hot.  Most European would wear their elegant and chic dresses while walking around the European cobblestone streets.  One of the good things about wearing a dress in Europe is that you can easily dress it up for nighttime wear for dinner and or you can semi-dress it up during daytime for sightseeing to enjoy the scenery of the tourist attractions.


Summer Tops for Women to Pack on European Summer Vacation

We highly recommend packing all kinds of summer tops in Europe. They are perfect for layering and taking you through the normally warmer day time to the cooler evenings with just a cardigan on top. Bring a few tops – with and without sleeves - and you will maximize your outfits by mixing and matching them with jeans and shorts.

Versatile Shorts

Versatile Shorts to Pack During Your Summer Vacation in Europe

A few pair of versatile shorts that you can dress up and down is especially essential to pack during a summer in Europe. When the sun is shining and it’s hot outside, shorts are comfy and perfect for solo travel. Opt for a dark color that won’t easily show that you’ve worn them more than a few times between washes. A material that doesn’t wrinkle easily is also a brilliant option in the likely event you won’t always have access to an iron. Classic jeans shorts is a must-have for any summer trip, dress it up with a beautiful high quality embroidery top or for a more casual look, just a plain, white tank top and a statement bag.

Bonus tip: Jumpsuits

Stylish Summer Jumpsuits for Your Summer Vacation in Europe

Jumpsuits are all-in-one garments that women can wear to give a powerful fashion statement. It can be a stylish staple in any wardrobe and can be used for different seasons – but perfect for the summer and the fact that it is so effortless and easy.

For a more sustainable approach to your travel wardrobe, choose dresses that have detachable slip dresses. You can then wear the outer layer as a beach cover up and together with the slip dress, it becomes a perfect summer dress.

Choose colors that are easy to match up, and always carry an emergency cashmere sweater for cold moments. The weather across Europe never cease to surprise!

Remember to bring the right accessories, and also sunglasses and relevant swimwear, being aligned with the rest of your travel wardrobe.

Bon voyage!🖤

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