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Our 5 Favorite Beaches in Dubai

Dubai is not only home to some of the most impressive buildings and architecture of the world, but also hosts a lot of different beaches and beach clubs. There is something for everyone, from the adventurous, sporty women to those of us enjoying chilled beach day brunches in gorgeous settings and with close friends around. No matter what kind of beach we find ourselves being attracted to, beach days are best enjoyed in beautiful summer clothing, including beach dresses, kimonos and kaftan dresses - made of natural materials and always keeping comfort in mind.

We would love to share some of our favorite spots around town. Always keep in mind that beach clubs have limited sun lounges, book early to be sure you end up with your preferred choice, and especially for Fridays and Saturdays which is the local weekend days in Dubai.

Our Five Favorite Beaches in Dubai:

Nikki beach Dubai summer dresses

#1 Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach is located on the Pearl Jumeirah waterfront. This beach features stunning panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf’s blue waters for guests to enjoy. The pool area is quite spacious and that’s where the DJ normally plays. It is the perfect place to have drinks or meals with friends, and the dress code is quite chic with room for glamour.

Scarlett Poppies Sunset Mood Beach dresses

Our chiffon maxi dress SUNSET MOOD, is a given choice if you go for a sundowner drink, or why not keeping it casual in our THE LINEN SHORTS and a casual cotton top showing off your sun kissed tan, here specifically our lace inserted top CORFU comes to our minds.

We simply love Nikki beach for the style and energy combined in one place!

Cove beach Dubai Beach dresses

#2 Cove Beach

Cove Beach is the ultimate beach experience. You can relax on soft white sand while taking in views of the gulf, which has a great open view and less of Dubai buildings on the horizon. If pools are more your scene, they boast three and the one-of-a-kind Rosé Lounge.

Scarlett Poppies Sunsational beach kimono

The perfect women’s summer dress for this beach is an oversized embroidered kaftan like JAIBRIAN or SUNSATIONAL KIMONO. Both of them are stylish, elegant, and effortlessly cool, and best of all, made of 100% natural cotton. Cove beach tends to be really busy during the weekends, it is wise to book both sun lounges and reserve a table for lunch.

Drift beach Dubai Summer dresses

#3 Drift Beach

Tranquility defined! If we were to narrow it down to only one single choice of beach club, Drift beach would be our place to go any day of the week. It is located just next to One & Only Mirage, one of the most iconic and stylish hotels in Dubai for the last decades. Drift Beach offers a stunning infinity pool that overlooks one kilometer of gorgeous beachfront and lush landscaping. It is peaceful and has beautifully carved wooden walls and one of the coolest restaurants and perhaps best grilled seabass in town.

Scarlett Poppies beach outfit Minoza cover-up

Drift beach is a tropical oasis where an oversized-sleeve kimono - like MINOZA - is the perfect attire, or a small mini linen dress like SAY MY NAME. We can highly recommend a visit to the cute boutique located just before the restaurant, it is called Summer Soul and headed up by a lovely lady from Holland. Beach and resort wear, well curated brands and among those also Scarlett Poppies.

Kite Beach Dubai Summer dresses

#4 Kite Beach

Kite Beach is the destination beach for you if you are looking for the quintessential beach spot for families and fitness fanatics. A simple throw-on beach dress on top of your bikini and you are totally set for the day. We recommend our 100% cotton, easy breezy, sporty dress CONFIDE IN ME.

Scarlett Poppies Confide in me Summer dresses

If you are more of an adventurous person, there are plenty of activities, including parasailing. Some beaches are about relaxation, however Kite Beach is all about fun and movement.

You can order a great range of food and snacks by the sun lounges, and at affordable prices compared to many other places in Dubai.

Secret beach Dubai Summer dresses

#5 Secret Beach

Secret Beach is not surprisingly known for being a tucked-away small stretch of sand that is barely noticeable unless you know where it is. With spectacular views and great privacy, you escape the chaos of other beaches and relax in softest cotton linen gauze by wearing our dress ENDLESS DAYS. Throw on a pair of oversized sunglasses, and you are sure to have a laid-back vintage-inspired glam going on.

Scarlett Poppies Endless Days Summer dresses

All the five beaches are charming in their own way, one just needs to know what each beach club is all about to ensure your expectations from a sunny beach day are met.

At Scarlett Poppies, you will find a lot of comfortable clothes, suited really well for the hot weather in Dubai. Natural fibers and loose, effortless fits often take care of comfort and our passion for beautiful details and hand crafted elements, shine through each and every piece. Each piece is mindfully crafted, keeping you and Mother Earth in mind.🖤

We hope you will enjoy the magical beaches in Dubai as much as we do!