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Article: How to Wear a Kaftan

How to Wear a Kaftan

How to Wear a Kaftan

The seemingly humble kaftan dates back centuries, and its wearability spans the world, with people either adopting the kaftan as a traditional form of dress or wearing kaftan dresses or beach kaftans simply for fashion purposes.

Today, kaftans make for the best beach and resort fashion outfits, thanks to their comfort and functionality.

Coming in every design and color imaginable, kaftan fabric differs depending on whether you're wearing a kaftan dress or a beach kaftan. Beach and resort kaftans are typically made of a lighter, more sheer fabric, while other occasion-kaftans tend to be slightly heavier and are often made of silk. For the most part, kaftans are free-flowing, worn loosely, and come in varying lengths and cuts.

 Scarlett Poppies beach dress for women

Women love wearing kaftan dresses and beach kaftans for many reasons. They're super glamorous and instantly lift your style game. They're also very forgiving, concealing any lumps and bumps. When cinched in at the waist with a belt, they do wonders when it comes to emphasizing your curves.

Here are 5 ways you can wear and style your kaftan, which will help you create unique looks each time.

5 Stylish Ways To Wear Your Kaftan Dresses

 simple leather belt to style your kaftan dress

1. Belt Up

Have you been wondering how you can take your beach kaftan and transform it to street cool? The answer is easy - all you need is a belt! For hourglass and straight figures, a belt creates a more defined, shapely figure.

A simple belt can dress up a kaftan. And when paired with black shoes and classic black accessories like a wide-brimmed hat and a matching tote, you can create a beautifully curated look.

 White Kaftan dress for a beach vacation

2. Go Glam

So, you want to wear a kaftan dress for a special occasion? There's nothing more comfortable. While there are embellished kaftans to choose from, we believe in dressing up a kaftan, thus allowing you to have more freedom in the future when you want to wear it again.

This is where the power of jewelry comes into play. Layering multiple necklaces and breaking the jewelry 101 rule by wearing earrings, rings and necklaces all at once is what you need to do. Also, choose wedges over heels and a chic pair of dark oversized sunglasses to level up.

 Casual and simple kaftan dress

3. Smart Casual

The beauty of a kaftan is that a kaftan dress can be dressed as formally or informally as you like. If you're looking for something in-between and want to keep it smart casual, try layering a bright-colored kaftan over a pair of fitted white pants or jeans.

Kitten heels check, tote check, and some understated jewelry check - you're all good to go! And the best thing about this outfit is that it's going to take you from the office right into the bar for evening sundowners.

Pool Party summer beach outfits from Scarlett Poppies


4. Pool Party Ready

Pool parties are hard - getting the right mix between formal and casual is hard. But when it comes to wearing a loose kaftan dress with oversized sleeves, you'll not only feel cool and comfortable; you'll steal the show as well! Instead of wearing a belt to cinch the garment in at the waist, take a hair tie or small rubber band and bunch the material from underneath, creating a unique kaftan dress style.

Nothing says a pool party more than a beautifully styled kaftan, a pair of tie-up laced sandals, layered jewelry, and some dark sunglasses.


Beach dress for women on a yacht


5. Boat Babe

Is there anything more romantic than catching some sun and lounging around onboard a boat in a kaftan? Pastels, prints, open-toed sandals, and oversized bags are a match made in boat heaven, and this combination is an instant mood lifter.

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